Empresa: Scandinavian Travel
Provincia: Bizkaia
Descripción: Content Specialist and SEO copywriter with analysis skills. NATIVE IN ENGLISH.

As remote company candidates can live anywhere in the world.
The content and SEO specialist will be involved in the day-to-day content operations across our portfolio of sites. They will work with existing content on our websites in addition to developing strategies for new content.

Daily Tasks and Duties
Implement and maintain SEO strategies such as SEO copywriting and keyword research
Ongoing SEO analysis and monitoring of our pages and our competitors.
Creating SEO Page Titles and Meta Descriptions.
Make sure the content has proper spelling, grammar, and the overall content flow is appropriate
Adding new sentences/paragraphs to enhance the content.
Adding appropriate headers and sub-headers to the content.
Adding images.
Adding links internal and external.
Making sure the content is SEO, and uses keywords appropriately.
Tecnologías: seo,
Tipo de Contrato:
Salario: 900 € – 2100 € Bruto/mes
Experiencia: 2 años
Funciones: SEO/Posicionamiento Web
Formación mínima:
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