Nurses for Belgium

Empresa: EPSN WORKFORCE SPAIN. País: España. Provincia: Sevilla. Sector: Sanidad, salud y servicios sociales. Fecha: 09 de septiembre
Requisitos: Profile
• You have completed nursing diploma (A1).
• You can work independently and in a team.
• You are punctual and have problem solving ability.
• Your personality is characterized by empathy, enthusiasm, social competence, flexibility, motivation, and care.
• You take ownership and enjoys working in multidisciplinary teams.
Personal competencies
• Punctual
• Stress resistant
• Teamwork ability
• Communicative
• Planning
• Focus on results
• Obey rules and agreements
• Work indipendently
• Able to learn
• Customer focus
• Creative thinking
• Flixibility and adaptabbility
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