Quality Inspector Rectification Holanda

Empresa: EPSN WORKFORCE SPAIN. País: España. Provincia: Málaga. Sector: Calidad, I+D, PRL y medio ambiente. Fecha: 10 de agosto
Requisitos: Requirements
• Car mechanic master degree (eerste automonteur) or relevant experience in maintenance and repair of vehicles
• Experience with testing and diagnostic equipment, high voltage (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), hydraulics, brakes, test and repair of electronic systems and modules.
• Ability to read and interpret basic mechanical and electrical drawings(GD&T)
• Proficient with computer tools, including Word, Excel, and Outlook.
• Must be reliable, innovative, committed,
• Ability to handle different tasks simultaneously, set the right priorities, organize your own schedule and can deal with deadlines.
• Working in a 3-shift operation should be no problem.
• Good knowledge (written and verbal) of the English language.
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