Headquarters: Santa Fe, NM

URL: http://www.HandcraftedLearning.com

What We Do

We create custom eLearning and virtual training for our clients.

We simulate the job environment and then learners get to play the “game” of doing their job. By making choices and then seeing the results of their choices they develop their skills. Interactivity is key to our design philosophy. Not passive lectures, or reading, or videos. If learners aren’t actively participating (which includes making mistakes and experiencing the consequences) they aren’t going to get better at their jobs.

One of the best parts of the work we do is the variety. One week it’s helping therapists learn how to work with borderline personality disorders, the next week it’s manager training for a large technology company, and the weeks after that we’re designing a simulation of electrical circuits for car mechanics.

You can read more about the work we do and about us at http://www.HandcraftedLearning.com.

What’s The Job?
This can vary, as do the projects, but here are some common tasks:
– Designing interactive simulations
– Writing content (scenarios, introductions, dialogue, etc.)
– Reading and synthesizing source material quickly
– QC reviews of courses in development (finding the spelling and grammar errors, which buttons don’t work, etc.)

Who We’re Looking For
Over the years we’ve found that these are the four most important traits for people who do well at this job: attention to detail, creative intelligence, excellent writing skills and general computer fluency.

Everyone talks about attention to detail, but it really is a valuable and uncommon quality. We don’t just mean attention to spelling or grammar, though that’s important too. We mean whether someone pays attention to the details of an image (Why is that image of a professional woman perfect for this scenario and that other one isn’t?) or the details of a client’s feedback (A subject … [+] Ampliar información

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